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SeaTel DAC 2202 Status Menu

Status Menu | Press reset to see DAC model and version | Control Tracking screen | Tracking Display set to 0130 | Control Search Screen | Status Error Screen | Remote Aux | Save parameters |
The status menu is the  first of four menus accessed by pressing the NEXT button. It is also referred to as the SEATEL menu

The first screen of the status menu gives you the model number of the antenna and the software version of the PCU. 
To see the antenna controller model and version it is necessary to press the reset button.  The screen will scroll through the DAC model, version, and on the latest software the CommIF version and SCPC or DVB tuner version.
The control screen shows you the status of the antenna. It could be TRACKING, BLOCKED etc.
With older software, or with tracking display set to 0000 this screen also shows the type of tracking C, X, KuLo and KuHi.

With newer software, and with track display set to 0130 (for example), this screen shows the band of a quad LNB (B1, B2, B3 or B4) and the LNB pol selected, either Crosspol (Xp) or Copol (Co).
B1 = Europe: LO 10.00 GHz (13V, No Tone)
B2 = Americas: LO10.75 GHz (13V, 22kHz Tone)
B3 = South Pacific LO 11.30 GHz(18V, No Tone)
B4 = LO 9.75 GHz(18V, 22kHz Tone)
Most satellites are Xpol (cross pol), where the transmit and receive are on oposite pols, but there are regions of Asia and the Pacific that use copol, where both the receive and transmit are on the same pol, either vertically or horizontally polarized.

This might need to be changed by the operator when changing satellite beams. To change the band use the left arrow to edit mode, then the down arrow to cycle through the band and POL options.
This screen allows one to turn Searching on and off and is seldom used.

Typical errors are as follows:
Error Code Meaning
0128 Satellite out of range. You have either moved far away from the target satellite, or the GPS thinks it is somewhere else.
0008 Pedestal Error: Could be anything related to the antenna. Indicates that there is a general problem with the antenna. 
0004 Communications failure between antenna and controller
0016 Dishscan is off
0020 Antenna has been powered off (16+4)
0001 Gyro compass error
The number on the left indicates the number of errors that have occurred and the number on the right shows the type of error.

It is quite normal for the number on the left to gradually increase the error count, about once per minute. This is could be due to missed packets or some other minor issue, and is no cause for concern if the antenna is otherwise functional, and there is no error type on the right.  

An error on the right indicates the type of error that has been received since the last reset. The error may or may not still be current. 

An red error light on the front panel of the DAC indicates that an error code exists in this screen.

These error codes can be added together when multiple errors exist. For instance, Error 16 and Error 4 result in Error 20 which usually occurs when power to the antenna has been reset. 
If you have an error 20 and a rapidly increasing count on the left, it may mean that the antenna is shut down and has no power or the receive coax has been disconnected.
This screen  is seldom used.