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SeaTel DAC 2202 Ship menu

Lat - Lon Menu | Checking GPS and changing Latitude and Longitude | Checking and entering Heading. | Save Parameters |
The Ship menu, also referred to as the Lat Long Menu is accessed by pressing the NEXT button until LAT LON is displayed.

The Ship menu displays the latitude and longitude of the vessel from the internal GPS in the antenna, and the heading from the ships gyro compass.

These should automatically update as the vessel moves. If the GPS or gyro compass is out of service, the Lat, Lon and Heading can be manually updated in this menu.

The heading display on the left is the input from the compass and the display on the right is the acknowlegement from the above deck PCU.

The antenna uses the ships position to determine the azimuth and elevation of the satellite and the ships heading to determine the relative azimuth to point the antenna.

The easiest way to check if you are receiving position updates from the GPS is to slightly change the position and see if the GPS will update and change it back.

Press the ENTER key to enter the Ship menu. The screen will change to display only the latitude. Press the right arrow to edit mode where you will see the cursor flashing below a digit. Press the up or down arrow to change this digit, and ENTER.

Press NEXT to return to the top of the menu and see if the LAT has been corrected. If not, then the GPS may have malfunctioned. If the GPS is not functioning, you may still enter the Latitude and Longitude manually to restore operation.
If the ship heading from the gyro compass is in NMEA format, the heading should update automatically. If the heading source is in a Step-By-Step or Synchro signal you may need to enter an initial heading when the antenna is first powered on, afterwhich the heading will be updated automatically,  as the vessel turns. If power is reset to the DAC, you will need to re-enter the heading, if it is not a NMEA serial input.

To check if the vesel is receiving a NMEA heading signal from the compass, press ENTER three times until the screen shows only HDG on the bottom line. Press the left arrow to edit mode and you will see the cursor under a digit in the left hand screen. Use the up and down arrows to change the heading one digit and press ENTER. Watch to see if the heading is corrected by the input from the compass. If not, the heading may not be functional.

Consult with the compass on the bridge and enter the heading manually. This will allow the antenna to find the satellite initially, but if the vessel is underway Sat Reference mode will need to be turned on for the antenna to continue tracking. 
Parameters must saved to NVRAM after changes are made, otherwise the changes will be lost when the DAC is reset. 

To save parameters, briefly press the left and right arrows together until SAVE NEW PARAMETERS is displayed. Press the left  arrow again to edit mode, and ENTER.

PARAMETERS SAVED will be displayed. Press NEXT to return to the main menus.