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Smaller 2 Axis TV Antennas | | Mid Size TV Antennas |
These small, 2 axis, entry level, TV antennas, ranging from 12" to 18", are designed for the small boat that wants to watch satellite TV at anchor, in the marina and underway, but well within the satellite footprint in signal strengths between 49 and 51dBW. 

They are suitable for smaller vessels that mostly operate closer to home, or close to the continental seaboard. If you have plans for deep sea passages to exotic horizons you will need to check the coverage maps to determine if these antennas will fit your needs.

The 2 axis configuration will work fine at sea in calmer waters and in port. If you plan to watch TV in rough, high seas conditions you may be better off with a 3 axis antenna. 

They can be purchased at your local marine store or electronics dealer and are mostly simple enough to bde installed by the local dealer or by  the owner themselves.  Some of them come bundled with a TV decoder for the DirecTV or Dish.

Brand Model Dish size Coverage Approx Price
KVH M1, M1 DX 12.5" 51 dBW $2300
Intellian  i 2 13" 51 dBW $2300
SeaTel ST 14 14.5" 50 dBW $4898
KVH M3, M3 DX 14.5" 50 dBW $3300
Intellian  i 3  14.6" 50 dBW $2800
SeaTel Coastal 18 18" (45.7cm) 49 dBW $5350
Intellian  i 4, i 4 P 17.7" (45 cm) 49 dBW $3521
SeaTel ST 24 24" (61cm) 45 dBW $6446
Intellian i6, i6P, i6PE 23.6" (60cm) 47 dBW $5246
KVH M7 24" (61cm) 46 dBW $6200
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