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Mobil SatelliteTechnologies | Mobilsat "USA Brownwater" Service |
Mobilsat Technologies, based in Virginia, offer very attractive rates on continental US VSAT coverage to terminals as small as 75cm. This is idealy suited to vessels that remain close to the continental US seaboard.  They also provide service to land based teminals on mobile homes, other vehicles, and fixed terminals, using iDirect modems. 

With such great rates, one would expect a high contention ratio, but from the personal experience of one of my customers, the system works well, with good throughput and very positive customer service experience during the initial setup.

The Gold and Platinum services require, at least a 1 meter antenna, but the Sport, Business and Commercial services will work with antennas as small as 75cm like the SeaTel 3011.

Both the service cost and the antenna size makes this very attractive for smaller, 50-100 ft vessels that might not have previously considered a VSAT service.
Service Download /
per month
3 Month
per month
Sport 384/128 Kbps $329.00 $412.00
Business 768/192 Kbps $449.00 $562.00
Commercial 1024/256 Kbps $649.00 $812.00
Gold 1024/384 Kbps $828.00 $1,035.00
Platinum 1500/512 Kbps $999.00 $1,249.00