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SeaTel IMA Antennas

New IMA antenna architecture from SeaTel |
SeaTel have introduced the new Integrated Marine Antenna (IMA) architecture for their latest, XX12 series VSAT antennas with some significant hardware and software changes.

Whereas the old PCU (Pedestal Control Unit), in the antenna, controlled only the stability of the antenna and carried out pointing and tracking commands that were controlled by the DAC antenna controller below deck, the new ICU (Integrated Control Unit) in the antenna controls everything including the tracking and pointing. Even the tracking tuner is now located in the antenna.

The legacy, below deck DAC (Digital Antenna Controller) has been replaced with the MXP (Media Exchange Point) in the equipment rack. The MXP is purely an interface for the connections such as compass heading, the satellite modem and the M&C via the ship's network. There are no controls on the front panel of the MXP, except the power switch and indicator lights. The user interface is now via a built in web page that can be accessed via the ship's network from anywhere onboard.

The user interface has three login levels that provide access and control of all features of the antenna and has some powerful diagnostic tools including graphing and logging tools.