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Three Axis T Series TV antennas with Worldview LNB | Intellian t110 and t130, 3 axis Ku TV antennas | Intellian d4 and d6 Ka+Ku (HD+SD) antennas | Intellian i9/i9P, i6/i6P, i4/i4P Ku band with Polarization | Intellian i1, i2, i3 Ku Band TV antennas |
In the T series  model number, the 't' stands for THREE axis and the W stands for Worldview LNB.

While smaller vessels that would tend to watch TV only when tied to the dock, or at anchor, could get away with the simpler, economical, two axis antennas, the three axis antennas are recommended for medium and larger size vessels that expect to go deep sea, overnight and expect to watch TV in all sea conditions. Three axis antennas are stabilized against the movement of the vessel in azimuth, elevation and cross level axes.
t80W t110W t100W
Medium sized vessels Large yachts Large yachts with matching v100 VSAT
  Original radome style Radome matches v100 VSAT
    Very similar to t110W. Higher price
113.3cm / 44.6"

82.2.1kg / 181.2 lbs

133 cm /52.4"91 kg /201 lbs


138cm / 54.33"

93.9 kg / 207 lbs


85cm / 33.5" reflector

105cm / 41.3" reflector
105cm / 41.3" reflector

All antennas have ACU front panel control and Aptus remote software
on PC, iPad or smartphone via ship's network or remote access via internet

Very Large yachts

165.2cm / 65"

117 kg / 258 lbs

Intellian WordviewTM LNB. Automatic switching between Linear and circular and any LO frequency

All antennas can operate with or without Gyro heading input
125cm / 49.2” reflector




These three axis Ku-band TV antennas designed for larger, deep sea vessels that may experience more severe sea conditions. 
         t110        t130
Dish Size 1.05m(41.3") 1.25m (49.2")
Radome 1.3m x 1.42m 1.55m x 1.65m
Weight 88Kg (194lbs) 98Kg (216lbs)
Axes     3     3
Az range   680   680
El range   -15 ~ 120   -15~120
Min EIRP   42dBW   40dBW
Band   Ku   Ku
This is a combination Ku-Band / Ka-Band antenna designed to receive DirecTV High definition and Standard definintion TV on 99W, 101W and 103W.
The P behind the model number indicated auto skew adjustment  for linear satellites. 

The i6PE has extended elevation range (like the i9P) of -15 degrees to +90 degrees for trackiing in rough weather where the roll of the ship would cause the satellite to drop below zero degrees.

  i9P i6/i6P i6PE i4/i4P
Dish Size 85cm(33.5") 60cm (23.6") 60cm (23.6") 45cm (17.7")
Radome 108 x 110 cm 10 x 72 cm  10 x 72 cm  50 x 54 cm
Weight 55Kg(121.2 lbs) 20Kg(44lbs) 20Kg(44lbs) 11.6Kg(25.6 lbs)
Axes 2 2 2 2
Az range 680 680 680 680
El range -15 to + 90 +5 to +90 -15 to +90 0 to +90
Min EIRP 44dBW 47dBW 47dBW 49dBW
Band Ku:Dual/Quad Ku:Dual/Quad Ku:Dual/Quad Ku:Dual/Quad
Power 9.0 - 30VDC 9.0 - 30VDC 9.0 - 30VDC 9.0 - 30VDC
Datasheet i9 Datasheet i6 Datasheet PE Datasheet i4 Datasheet

  i3 i2 i1
Dish Size 37cm(14.6") 33cm (13") 28cm (11")
Radome 43 x 44 cm 37 x 38 cm 33 x 30 cm
Weight 9Kg(19.8 lbs) 4.5 Kg (9.5 lbs) 4.3 Kg (9.4 lbs)
Axes 2 2 2
Az range 680 680 680
El range +10 to +80 +10 to +80 +20 to +80
Min EIRP 50dBW 51dBW 52-53dBW
Band Ku:Dual/Quad Ku:Dual Ku:Dual
Power 9.0 - 30VDC 9.0-30VDC 10.8-15.6VDC
Datasheet i3 Datasheet i2 Datasheet i1 Datasheet