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Inmarsat Fleet Broadband

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Fleet Broadband is the latest from Inmarsat providing worldwide coverage* for voice and data using three, new, powerful, I4 satellites.

Americas 98o W N and S America, E. Pacific
EMEA 25o E Europe, Middle East and Africa
Asia-Pacific 143.5oE India, China, Australia, W.Pacific

Inmarsat Coverage MapInmarsat Coverage Map Key

Copyrighted image reproduced with permission of Inmarsat

This map depicts Inmarsat's expectations of coverage, but does not represent a guarantee of service. The availability of service at the edge of coverage areas fluctuates depending on various conditions.

Shipboard terminals come in 3 sizes, ranging from less than 12 inches to 25 inches in diameter, with a choice of data capabilities.

Terminal Radome 
 Fax SMS Terminal
FB150 <12"(29cm) <150 kbps n/a  Yes  No Yes ~$6K
FB250 ~12"(31cm) <284 kbps 128 kbps  Yes Yes Yes ~$10K
FB500 ~24"(60cm) <432 kbps 256 kbps  Yes Yes Yes ~$15K

Fleet Broadband provides IP Internet access, as well as switched telephone connections to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Voice calls are billed at a cost of about $1 per minute, depending on your service contract. The terminals come equipped with an IP telephone that can be used for voice calls and SMS messaging.

Data usage is billed by the megabyte. On the two larger terminals one can choose between a contended (shared) bandwidth that is always available like a regular internet connection, or guaranteed, "streaming" bandwidth on demand, for transfer of critical data.
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*(world coverage excluding extreme north and south polar regions)