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Ship Equip has been acquired by Inmarsat | SevSat | Sevsat has 900 terminals in service as of January 2011 | CqjlvPmaUGuS |
In advance of the launch of the Global Xpress service, Inmarsat has acquired one of it's largest distribution partners, Stratos, and the maritime VSAT service provider, Ship Equip.

Stratos and Ship Equip will operate under the Inmarsat brand. Global Xpress will be distributed through Stratos as well as Inmarsat's existing network of distribution channels.

Ship Equip of Norway brings extensive VSAT knowledge and a large installed base of maritime VSAT customers of over 850 vessels in the shipping, energy and fishing markets, who are likely to be among the first to transition to Global Xpress services.[
The C-band or Ku-band solution SEVSAT and TVRO from Ship Equip give ships cost efficient solutions for internet, telephony and television. They have installed more than 2200 stabilized antennas all over the world, and have extensive experience in supporting our equipment in demanding maritime conditions. The head office is situated in Ålesund, Norway with offices in Oslo, Houston, Seattle, Singapore, London and Reykjavik.

For Ship Equip 2011 has started off with a bang as the total number of installed SEVSAT systems passed 900. 

"We have anticipated this for a while" says CEO Ivar Nesset: “As the installation rate hit 24 SEVSATS in December 2010, or more than one new SEVSAT per working day we saw the installed base grow quickly towards 900. It is what we have planned for and built our organization for. Still it could not have happened without all our loyal but also very challenging and demanding customers which have believed in our product and our capability. We owe them everything Mr. Nesset says and continues: “Our main focus’ will be to continue providing superior support and unsurpassed uptime on our service. Providing 20 Gigabytes of data and voice communication per ship per month at a low fixed price is hard for anyone to compete against.”