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On-Waves is the maritime GSM and CDMA service provider for Iceland’s national telephony provider, SIMINN, a company with 1,800 employees and over 500 GSM and CDMA roaming agreements. On-Waves has constructed a next generation all-IP maritime mobile phone network that is fully compliant with GSM Association and CDG maritime standards and regulations. On-Waves currently provides service to over 80 vessels across cruise, passenger ferry and mega-yachts segments with a significant backlog for additional vessels.

Can this $150 mini cell tower designed for your home, allow your 3G phone to connect via your VSAT on your yacht? Certainly an interesting prospect. The faq says that it will not work over satellite internet.

If anyone has any real world experience with this, please let me know at
The range of a microcell is less than two kilometers wide, a picocell is 200 meters or less, and a femtocell is on the order of 10 meters,[1] although AT&T calls its product, with a range of 40 feet (12 m), a "microcell".[2]